Another day Another Blog

IMG_0721Hello, Hello!

Long time no blog.  Can’t believe we’re already a week after the school holidays!!  Where has the time gone?  July has been so busy – but super good!

Can’t believe the worse of winter is already over! Yes!  Can’t wait to get back into my studio and craft to my heart’s content.  In the winter, the room is just WAY too cold to spend heaps of time in.. so, I switch to a different fun hobby – hence all the knitting!


That being said, it’s still birthday season anyway.. so, here’s a photo of my mother-in-law’s watercolor birthday card.  And the inside.  Had a good time making it.  The cute fox one was made for a good friend of mine:)  Hope she liked it! ahah

Next week, I have some 3-way conferences to go to with Anna and Sami’s teahers.  :-/  ugh  Hate those.  The only good thing about them is that it means they close the school early.  :-p

I’ve also finally finished my Oxford Victorian Anthology of Ghost stories.  Foof.  That took long enough!  Now, I’m back into the Psychic Eye series by Victoria Laurie.  Something light and easy.

IMG_0713Game wise, I’m still playing my pc Sacred 2 game, and I’m about to start a new point-and-click game – though not sure which just yet.

IMG_0714I’m also still trying to lose weight.  I’ve been stable since my last weigh-in.. though I’ve gone up and down 2lb or so.. but since last week, Matt’s created for me a very cool Excel sheets that rewards exercise with money!  Who doesn’t like that idea?!  Anyway, I’ve done one week of it – and I’m not done just yet, but it’s motivated me in doing 50 minutes of X-training *EVERY* day.. :)  Can’t wait to go shopping! ahah

Hope your day is going as well as ours.  I’m about to go roll some lasagna sheets:)

Enjoy your night!




Knitting Frenzy!

Hello Hello!

How are you doing?  Hope you’re having a great week so far:)  What have I been up to recently?  (Outside getting Anna’s birthday party slowly organized?)  I’ve been knitting!!

I’ve been knitting indoor balls – as the weather isn’t being all that friendly these days  – way too wet and muddy!!

To make Sami happy, I’ve made a Humpty Dumpty ball, but not any kind – inspired by the Scribblenauts one as that’s the one he loves at the moment. :)

Humpty_DumptySU HD

Anna wanted a Bunny Ball, so here is what I made for her :)


Only 3 more days before the School Holiday begins!!  Can’t wait!!  So many things planned!!  Especially sleep-ins:)  Have yourself a wonderful fun day!!

Big hugs!!


First Weigh-in and updates

  Hello, Hello!

It’s  Monday here and it’s off:)  Loving the Queen’s Birthday at the moment!  I’ve been good, but struggling with my ‘non-diet’..  It sure isn’t easy all the time fitting in the exercise every day, and not munching in the evening – at all.

I used to snack in front of the tv.. with Grapes, grapefruits, etc.. fruit fruit fruit.. and didn’t lose any weight… Too many calories in the sugary yummies to do so!  So, had to cut it all out.. (and eat the fruit earlier in the day…) to actually get a result on the scale.

As you’ve probably noticed on the ticker, I’ve lost 3lb/62!  It’s good, but at the same time.. the reason I didn’t just Blog about it right away, and still don’t really feel like telling the world is because I don’t expect this entire ‘non-diet’ to work out.  I’ve failed SO many times, that I Just don’t believe this is going to get anywhere.  Yay!  A Pity Party!  ahahah  Just kidding.  I don’t feel ‘sad’ for myself.. as my weight is directly the result of my choices.  It’s just “hard” to make the right choice.  If it wasn’t, everyone would be skinny, right?!

So, yes, I’ve lost 3lb so far and I’ve done really well these last 2 days of this new week.. and today, which is my 3rd day – I’ve also fit in my exercise.

I have to admit here that to ‘lose’ the easy extra calories in my meals, I’ve switched everything I could to “light”… It gives me more food for less calories or as much food for less or less food, for even less calories..  Win-win-win.

Apart from that first step, I also decided to try out some Weight Watcher foods – like their Jam.. which has barely any calories, and is SUPER yummy.  I don’t eat lots of jam in general.. but if I feel like some with my crepe.. I can have a dab of it on the side of my plate and know it’s fine.

I also stock my pantry with little treats.. for snacks.. which are low calorie.  I got some kind of multigrain crackers (made of soy with lindseeds, sunflower seeds, etc) ..which are 4 crackers for 112 calories or something.. super yummy and filling.  As well, as some chocolate type WW bars.. which are about 90 calories for 1 bar.. and SUPER sweet and gooey.  They really taste like a ‘real’ chocolate bar for a sugar hit.  :)

So, between those two type of snacks.. I’m pretty happy.  That said, I only have them if I feel ‘hungry’ .. it’s not an automatic 3pm thing.  I’ve also switched 1 of my afternoon black coffees for a green tea.  Not sure what that’ll do, but I’m thinking it can’t hurt?

What else… hmmm.  8 glasses of water (which I seriously hate…as I don’t feel “that” thirsty… and HATE going to the ladies’ room every two minutes!)… 1 hour of Cardio a day, eating within my calorie range, and 1 green tea a day.  That’s really what I’m doing right now.. and NOT eating ANYTHING at all after dinner.  And we eat dinner early.  :-(  I’m talking 4pm something here.  So, I seriously get HUNGRY by 8pm.. but no, no food.  What I do instead is get my Earl grey with a tiny bit of light milk… and it does the trick until the next day.  That milk just makes me feel right again.  Makes all the difference in the world.

So, yes.  One day at a time.  I’m coming on to my Toms so, I might not weigh myself next week and just wait for the following one.  Will see how it goes.  Anyway, there you have it.  :)  Back to my crafting now!!

Sending you big HUGS and lots of love!

Online Weight loss Journaling

Hello!  Hello!

How are you doing today?  Hope you’re happy and well:)  I’m good.  I’ve been X-training.. siiigh.. lol  and entering all my data at “My Fitness Pal”.  If you’re serious about losing the weight too, then you should definitely take a look.  It’s free!  And you can log in with your Facebook account.. and add all your friends that use the system too! – Instant support system!

Weight Loss Challenge

Hello, Hello!

How are you doing today?  I’m *blah*, but doing something about it.  I’ve just bought myself a brand new winter coat online.. and it arrived!  It’s beautiful, warm..  and tight.

I could send it back and get a bigger size, but I don’t want to.  The size I purchased is the size of my “fat pants”.  I’m sure most girls have ‘skinny’ jeans for good days and ‘fat’ pants for those not-so-good days.  Well, my ‘fat’ size is now too tight.  So confronted wit this reality, I have two options – get a bigger size coat or lose the weight.

And since I want to live a long and healthy life (ideally) for my kids’ sake (and I feel like I should say for my sake too?!) – I have to do something about it *again*.

I know what I’ve done wrong, stopped exercising at home for one (though I kept at my 4k walk a day)..  The other problem was the meds I was taking.. The moment I got off them I lost pretty much 10lb in the first month.  Since then though, I’m at a stand-still.

Anyway, as much as I hate publicizing my ‘failure’ – and the fact that I know some people will relish reading about it (Letting Karma worry about *Them*)  I’m hoping that maybe my struggles will help someone else feel less alone with theirs.

So, if you’re like me and need to get back to a healthier lifestyle, follow my progress here.  I’ll post pictures that inspire me, articles I find helpful.  We can totally do this, one day at a time!

Big HUGS and Lots of LOVE to you all:)


Here I go… *again*!