194/365 – Imagination is Stronger than Knowledge (Robert Fulghum)

“I believe that Imagination is Stronger than Knowledge.
 That Myth is more Potent than History.
 That Dreams are more Powerful than Facts.
That Hope always Triumphs over Experience.
 That Laughter is the Only Cure for Grief.
And I believe that Love is Stronger than Death.”
– Robert Fulghum
(All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten)

191/365 – Everything Happens for a Reason (Marilyn Monroe)

“I believe that Everything Happens for a Reason.
People Change so that you can Learn to let Go,
things go Wrong
so that you Appreciate them when they’re Right,
you Believe Lies
so you eventually Learn to Trust no one but Yourself,
and Sometimes
Good Things fall Apart
so Better things can fall Together.”
– Marilyn Monroe