July Goals

Good morning, you!  It’s Saturday.  YES!  So so SO happy about it!  Matt’s at work sadly, so that means that I have the house mostly to myself, as the kids enjoy playing in their rooms.

Having the house to myself means LOUD. It means, I get to watch my Shows or listen to music without earphones on.  🙂  I get to do that during the week too (obviously) as I have 6 hours to myself every day, but.. surprisingly, the week is mostly devoted to ‘work’.

I’ve been asked SO many times: What do you do all day??  Doesn’t it get boring??  Uhm.  No?  Never boring.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt bored at home in my entire life!  I mean, I grew up as an Only child.. so I’m used to the Quiet.. and I mostly prefer it.

Also, after all the chores and computering (checking my emails, Fb, etc.), I like to read.  I either read fiction or.. I study.  What do I study?  I study things that interest me: Psychology, Religion, Philosophy, and all the Great Mysteries.  I also watch HEAPS of Documentaries.

Among my favourite topics obviously are Dreams, which I study especially through C.G. Jung, then there’s Astral Projection, Life After Death (including After Death Communication, and Near Death Experiences), and also all the Esoteric topics (from Astrology,… to the Kabbalah).  And that’s what I do All day, every day, since I’ve moved to NZ.

In between, I have hobbies (Cardmaking, Colouring, Playing the Piano, Knitting, Gardening, etc).  I could never be bored.  I actually don’t have enough time to do everything I want to do.  In reality, after I’ve done the Chores and the other things I feel I ‘should’ be doing.. there isn’t really a lot of time left.  Though I do realize have a lot more time than most.

I can’t help but think that this.. my life.. is pretty much my Destiny (MC) in Capricorn.  It’s one of Solitude and Study.  That said, My Sun, Mercury, as well as my Destiny’s Master – Saturn.. are all happily sitting in Virgo in house 5 (the house of the Arts, Creation – therefore also our Children).  And there you have it.  Very grossely explained mind you, but yes..  It just gives you an idea.

Every beginning of the month, I like to think about what I’m going to do – accomplish – for the next 30’ish days.  I like to set myself some goals.  This month, I’m going to study Astrology.  Mainly, I want to study my kids’ birthcharts.  As well as mine.  I also want to do the Birth and Death chart comparison for my mom.  I want to see what I can notice/discover.

I’m also planning on studying more of the Kabbalah, as well as read about Abraham.  For some reason, during my mother’s Transitional Journey I was having many Judaic dreams.  I might get back to that in a different blog entry.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed I could write all day.. as that’s really one of my favourite hobbies as well.. and tend to run them long, I know!

Kabbalah - Tree of Life photo TreeofLifeKabbalah.jpg

What can I say, I used to talk to mom about all this for an hour a day every day over the phone (for 10 years!).  It was especilly interesting because she would talk back. ahah

Oh and by the way, I lost a little bit of weight again this month (though disappointingly not very much)! Only 1.1kg for June for a grand total of 11kg lost.  Better than nothing!

Enjoy your day! Talk to you soon:)



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