Letting go.

Dear you,

Hope this finds you happy and well.  I’ve been going through a lot recently, but I think starting the New Moon, I’ll be turning a new corner.

I was talking today with one of my mom’s closest friend.  She’s incredibly wise, kind, caring, and I’m so lucky to have her.  She said something to me that really hit home: Stop begging for love.

Brutal Beautiful Truth.

I’ve spent my entire life trying to convince some people to love me (so many of them!).. while I could have just been Appreciating in blissful happiness the Love I was receiving.

I would say I “wasted” too many years trying to be accepted, liked, and loved, but.. trying to ‘fix’ things isn’t a waste, because the pain, the challenges, help you grow and become who you are today.  For that, I’m grateful.

That said, I’m done apologizing for being Me.  I’m letting go.  Unapologetically letting go.


(I am Canadian, after all..)

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