New Beginnings

Good morning!

Hope you’re happy and well!  I am!  Tomorrow is my Doctor’s appointment where I’ll *finally* know what’s going on with my Thyroid.  I’m really looking forward to it, to just knowing, and fixing ‘it’.  Whatever ‘it’ is.  So, very happy (and a little nervous) indeed!

Apart from that, I’m good.  Have been busy with all sorts of fun stuff that keeps me busy!  Mainly though, I’ve been reading a storm.. and puzzling.  🙂  I should really get back into Cardmaking and get the last of the Christmas cards done so that I can tidy the lounge already!! ahah

That said, everything is just going well now.  I completely tidied all my interpersonal loose ends, losing all my extra weight, spending my time creating Art, Reading, Puzzling, as well as just sharing moments with my little beautiful family.  Life is just finally good!

Hence I’m really very hopeful about tomorrow.  Can’t wait to have it all behind me once and for all (even if that implied medication for the rest of my life) – as everything will be *sorted*.

It really does feel like an entire *New* beginning.  Even Spring is on its way (in another week and a few days?) and it’s the New Moon too!!  I couldn’t be happier!!

Sending you lots of Joyful Love!


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