Update, Dreams & Astral Projections

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Good morning!

Hope you’re doing well.  I’ve been taking a small break from the Internet (mostly just checking my emails, etc and then leaving again).

I’m SO glad it’s almost the weekend, and then, the school holidays!  Winter is always so long!!  As much as I actually enjoy the rain (as there’s less people around), I tend to get over the Greyness rather quickly!

Anyway, today’s the Parent-Teacher Conferences (BOO!) and the Food Delivery (YAY!).  I decided to order a day earlier to balance things out.

I’ve been reading a lot this week.  I put my hands on an *amazing* book about OBE’s – can’t remember the exact title now, but if you check out my Goodreads’ page or my FB, you’ll see it.

Anyway, if you remember reading about my dream where someone was helping me change my Vision.. well, I actually read *exactly* what that was about.  Meaninful coincidence??  Anyway, apparently there are helpers that are actually there to help us acheive access to our Mentalsoma from our Psychosoma (which I had no idea about honestly).  So, yeah.. it described/explained perfectly what I went through.  It was almost Surreal.

Since then, this week.. I’ve had 2 other very odd ‘dreams’/Astral Projections (with the minimum lucidity).  Basically, one of them was about my uncle that’s passed away many years ago.  I’ve always found it odd that he never visited me.. but eventually, I had to let it go and just move on.  Anyway, I dreamt of him maybe once or twice is 3-4 years’ish?

This week though.. I actually *saw* him.  I found myself ‘dreaming’ that I was sitting at a table with him eating cake (lol) when suddenly, he asked me if I was sad.  At that moment, for some reason, it clicked that he had passed away and I was in an OBE.  I told him that of course I was sad that he had passed away/transitioned, because he was like a father to me, etc.  Then, before I could finish he shook his head.

I stopped talking.. and suddenly I had all these pictures in my mind.  It was very clear to me that he was sending me telepathically images of what he meant: If I was sad that he hadn’t taught me more about Astrology and all sorts of Mystical themes that he apparently knew about.  I had no idea how much he knew about these things until I saw it in my mind.  Anyway, the experience lasted a little longer and then, I told him I had to go and woke up.

This.. is also one of the very obvious signs to me in the difference between dreams and OBE’s.  I *usually* get to say ‘goodbye’ before I wake up during an OBE.. except once, where I got Spooked and the high level of emotion woke me up.

The second moment this week that I spontaniously woke up in my dream.. with perfect awareness had to do with mom.  This one though, I’ll keep to myself.  It wasn’t the most amazing encounter or the cheeriest.

It seems to me that when you transition, you do so with whatever baggage you were carrying at the time of your passing.  It’s not because you’re on the other side that you suddenly resolve everything.

I used to think that people suddenly gained incredible insight and peace, etc, but that’s not a give-in.  It looks to me, after all my experiences, that it’s really a case-by-case situation.  Some people do transition and remember who they are (the sum of all their incarnations), but others do not.  Some just carry from one incarnation to the next some blocages or .. just a minimum of remembrance of who they were.

Anyway, I could go on for longer about it, but it might make the post too long.  That said, it seems that when you transition there are moments of higher lucidity than others.  I’ve met people on the other side that seemed stuck in repetitive patterns.  At least, during my conversation with mom, she seemed to be working through her issues with ‘someone’.  That’s a comfort at least.

Dream or OBE?

Dear you,

Just had the craziest dream last night.  I’m still not sure if it was a dream or actually an OBE.

Last night I dreamt I met a..Medium?  Psychic?  Spiritual Master?  I don’t know.   Though I’ve never seen her before, her face is still so clear to me:  Short brown hair, nice clean make up, friendly smile.  Really a lovely woman in her mid fifties?

Anyway, at my arrival she smiled and we talked for a while.  Then, she extended her hand towards me to help me concentrate or increase my capacity to See the ‘Other Side’.

The moment I took her hand, my vision blurred and suddenly I felt like I was floating away, dissipating?  I’m not sure, it felt as though I was coming apart, but at the same time, seeing much better, like my Awareness was sharper.  It felt as though my energical body was seperating into millions of tiny specks allowing me to fold into, see through (?) what was there.  It’s hard to explain.

It’s as if I was looking at a cup (as an example) and suddenly the cup and I melted into one and within it I could suddenly see behind the curtain to an entirely different reality.  Ah well.  I guess you had to be there??

So,… I could still feel her hand in mine, faraway somehow, and yet.. I no longer had a body.. only my Awareness.. which shifted into a Vision of incredibly Bright light.

I could barely look at it, though it didn’t hurt (like looking at a white computer screen), when appeared shapes within it, like.. shadows of people looking back at me.  I couldn’t actually discern anyone specifically.  I could only feel them looking at me.  I knew then that they were always there, I just couldn’t see them.

Then my Vision changed again and I had some sort of flash of a book in front of me with a Message written on it.  The woman holding my hand was telling me that it was a Message for me.

I ‘came back’ – still holding her hand and she let go.  She said many things, though I only remember a few like that Spirits were constantly there and leaving messages/signs but it was up to us to notice them.

In my dream, I saw specific things that Mom had been doing to let me know she was still there watching.  I left the room, and woke up.

That said mom still being around doesn’t surprise me, but who on earth were the others looking at me?

Gossip Girl

A happy good morning from Siberia!

Had another interesting journey last night!  This time, I might not go into details, because it’s my least favorite Dream Theme!  The symbolism is basically about my fear of abandonment.  I guess even though I’m secure in my relationship & my meaningful friendships, after losing mom the theme is probably subconsciously on my mind.

Then again, lots of things are on my mind these days, every day, since forever.  Nothing new there.  I’ve always spent (way too much?) time thinking about people, their motivations or what makes them tick,  and Life – especially Life – its meaning, what comes after.  That’s *always* been me.  I think I started asking questions the moment I learnt to talk.

The one thing I love about growing older is how clearer things get: you gain so much perspective and understanding as the experiences add up.

People are just not that creative: whether specific individuals (most people reproduce what they know and very rarely change – unless something drastic happens to them like an Illness, an Accident – something ‘big’), or Archetypal Humans (as a Species).  As you age, it gets easier to recognize behavioural trends.

No one’s behavior is entirely black or white – good or not, we adapt to circumstances, people, and act differently around them, but there are certainly general tendencies within each of us: whether they’re learnt or inherited.

It kind of reminds me of ‘Gossip’.  How ‘Gossip’ could be seen as a General thing people do.. but really depending on who does it, and what the intrinsinc or extrinsinc motivation is found behind it, it will completely change its nature.

Some people like to Gossip for example to be Funny, make others laugh.  Maybe another does it just for the sheer tongue wag entertainment factor.  Or to make themselves sound important, in-the-know, interesting.  That sort of ‘Gossip’ – Gossiper – is mostly harmless in my opinion.  Though it would be better to imagine ourselves as the subject of the Gossip first, and think about how we would feel if we were at its center.

The other kind, on the other hand, is very destructive.  Some Gossip is about inflicting pain.  It’s a form of bullying.  Someone will hear something about someone else, unflattering or the like, and ‘choose’ to perpetuate it by either sharing it with their peers/family or go directly to the person, whom the gossip is about, and tell them about it.

Firstly, Socrates 3 Rules comes to mind: Is it True?  Is it Useful?  Is it Kind?

Well, it’s *never* kind to perpetuate unflattering or hurtful information.  Never.  And therefore, doing so, says a lot about the ‘Gossiper’.

Those Gossipers might attempt to justify themselves by saying things like: “It’s always better to know” or.. “Don’t shoot the Messenger” as though the pain they just inflicted you – because it may have ‘first’ been spoken by someone else – has nothing to do with them.

Absolutely rubbish.  It is their Choice to either let the Negativity dissipate here and now, or perpetuate it.  They take satisfaction in repeating (and usually with some distortion or exaggeration) the message.  They have a Purpose in doing so.  Always, without exception, an Unkindly one at that.

So, yes.  The same action can mean so many things, but not infinitely so.  There are only so many possibilities to meanings behind actions.

Dr Phil says: People do what Serves them.  People that throw mud, never come out of it clean.  It just never brings luck to cause sufferance to others.

Sometimes, the only Success you can have is “Letting Go”.  Letting go of what’s been said, as well as letting go of the Person saying it.

Other times, Being Left is the Best thing that could happen to you.  It’s basically Destiny telling you you’ve learnt what you needed to learn.  You’re done.  So, don’t look back.

Keep moving forward.  Find the Kindness.  Be..the Kindness others are Searching for.  Get out of the Mud.  Cultivate Honey.  Bring Light and Joy to your Life and be the Light for others to Rejoice in.  Stop worrying.  Life is predictable.  Things may suck right now, but guess what?  “This too shall pass”.  Tomorrow is a different day.  Things will be better.  If not, then maybe the next.  Or the one after that.




Exploding Spiders


How are you doing today?  Cold enough for you?  Might as well be living in Antarctica (okay, might be a ‘slight’ exageration to that.. but barely!) lol

Had such weird dreams again last night!  You wouldn’t believe it.

I dreamt of an uncle I haven’t heard from in ‘ages’.  He was sleeping in a bed and I was standing next to it.  Suddenly, a saw a tarantula sized walking wool spider.  As I tried to shoo it away, I looked up at the ceiling onto which was a ‘nest’ of spiders with them crawling around.

I backed into my bedroom with Anna (who appeared out of nowhere) and was helping me block the bottom of the door so they wouldn’t creep in.  I turned around and realized an Entire wall was missing.. and we were in fact standing outdoors.  When I walked out of the room I saw there were hundreds of different sized and different coloured wool spiders crawling towards me.  They were all watching my next move.  Then, I shouted something and lifted my hands to scare them away, but instead fire exploded on to them and destroyed most of them!  And then, I woke up.

Good times!

Every night is like this.. so incredibly insane!  The symbology of this dream is basically that I’ll overcome insurmontable/innumerable difficulties that are draining me.

I guess we’ll be getting our Washing Machine fixed this week?? lol  Yep.

Picture by CavementWorld.com

Our machine broke yesterday.  So annoying!  Thankfully, I’m no stranger to handwashing things as this is the second time with this machine and incalculable times with the previous one.  Gah!  We need something more reliable,.. like a big Rock.

If you dream of Crocodiles and Spiders, well.. Spoiler alert, you will NOT have a great week.  It really doesn’t matter what you do, Sh*t will happen.  That said, if you get Off the Boat or set the Spiders aflame, you have nothing to worry about and have to trust that things will just work themselves out.

Just wish mom was there to discuss this with.  She’d know Best.

Also, watched ‘The Gift’ (2017) and loved it.  Was so good!

Now, I’m reading The Clairvoyants which is about a woman seeing ghosts.. which is also pretty good so far!

Thank God for Hobbies and Distractions!

Write back later.