Exploding Spiders


How are you doing today?  Cold enough for you?  Might as well be living in Antarctica (okay, might be a ‘slight’ exageration to that.. but barely!) lol

Had such weird dreams again last night!  You wouldn’t believe it.

I dreamt of an uncle I haven’t heard from in ‘ages’.  He was sleeping in a bed and I was standing next to it.  Suddenly, a saw a tarantula sized walking wool spider.  As I tried to shoo it away, I looked up at the ceiling onto which was a ‘nest’ of spiders with them crawling around.

I backed into my bedroom with Anna (who appeared out of nowhere) and was helping me block the bottom of the door so they wouldn’t creep in.  I turned around and realized an Entire wall was missing.. and we were in fact standing outdoors.  When I walked out of the room I saw there were hundreds of different sized and different coloured wool spiders crawling towards me.  They were all watching my next move.  Then, I shouted something and lifted my hands to scare them away, but instead fire exploded on to them and destroyed most of them!  And then, I woke up.

Good times!

Every night is like this.. so incredibly insane!  The symbology of this dream is basically that I’ll overcome insurmontable/innumerable difficulties that are draining me.

I guess we’ll be getting our Washing Machine fixed this week?? lol  Yep.

Picture by CavementWorld.com

Our machine broke yesterday.  So annoying!  Thankfully, I’m no stranger to handwashing things as this is the second time with this machine and incalculable times with the previous one.  Gah!  We need something more reliable,.. like a big Rock.

If you dream of Crocodiles and Spiders, well.. Spoiler alert, you will NOT have a great week.  It really doesn’t matter what you do, Sh*t will happen.  That said, if you get Off the Boat or set the Spiders aflame, you have nothing to worry about and have to trust that things will just work themselves out.

Just wish mom was there to discuss this with.  She’d know Best.

Also, watched ‘The Gift’ (2017) and loved it.  Was so good!

Now, I’m reading The Clairvoyants which is about a woman seeing ghosts.. which is also pretty good so far!

Thank God for Hobbies and Distractions!

Write back later.