Dream or OBE?

Dear you,

Just had the craziest dream last night.  I’m still not sure if it was a dream or actually an OBE.

Last night I dreamt I met a..Medium?  Psychic?  Spiritual Master?  I don’t know.   Though I’ve never seen her before, her face is still so clear to me:  Short brown hair, nice clean make up, friendly smile.  Really a lovely woman in her mid fifties?

Anyway, at my arrival she smiled and we talked for a while.  Then, she extended her hand towards me to help me concentrate or increase my capacity to See the ‘Other Side’.

The moment I took her hand, my vision blurred and suddenly I felt like I was floating away, dissipating?  I’m not sure, it felt as though I was coming apart, but at the same time, seeing much better, like my Awareness was sharper.  It felt as though my energical body was seperating into millions of tiny specks allowing me to fold into, see through (?) what was there.  It’s hard to explain.

It’s as if I was looking at a cup (as an example) and suddenly the cup and I melted into one and within it I could suddenly see behind the curtain to an entirely different reality.  Ah well.  I guess you had to be there??

So,… I could still feel her hand in mine, faraway somehow, and yet.. I no longer had a body.. only my Awareness.. which shifted into a Vision of incredibly Bright light.

I could barely look at it, though it didn’t hurt (like looking at a white computer screen), when appeared shapes within it, like.. shadows of people looking back at me.  I couldn’t actually discern anyone specifically.  I could only feel them looking at me.  I knew then that they were always there, I just couldn’t see them.

Then my Vision changed again and I had some sort of flash of a book in front of me with a Message written on it.  The woman holding my hand was telling me that it was a Message for me.

I ‘came back’ – still holding her hand and she let go.  She said many things, though I only remember a few like that Spirits were constantly there and leaving messages/signs but it was up to us to notice them.

In my dream, I saw specific things that Mom had been doing to let me know she was still there watching.  I left the room, and woke up.

That said mom still being around doesn’t surprise me, but who on earth were the others looking at me?

Soul Sisters

Dear you,

How are you?  How was your weekend?  Mine was pretty good!  Matt and I ended up Puzzling together over a Ravensburger all weekend.  Was nice.

Today’s been mostly good so far.  Met a weird man in the forest with the kids this morning though, and saw him again as I was returning home.  He was just standing around in the bush doing nothing…and the first time we bumped into him he appeared to be ‘leaving’ it.  So, a little creepy.  Can’t say I care too much anymore with Lily by my side.  Everytime we bump into a dodgy person or someone I’m not a fan of, she becomes very protective.  I wouldn’t want to be on her wrong side!

That said, I had the weirdest dream last night.  I dreamt of mom again, but not an OBE, just a symbolic one.  I dreamt that we were moving in together in a really beautiful new house.  Usually, when I dream of her there’s conflicts from unresolved past issues, but not this time.  It was the very first time that the dream sequence actually went forward.  The house was bright, with lots of light in it, and just very beautiful.  Mom and I were both unpacking our things and putting them all together harmoniously within the space we had.

Oh, and another good news is that my Parent-teacher meetings are actually next week.  So there’s at least that!

I also just finished a book called “Spirit Sisters” which was about Ghosts: ADCs (After Death Communications), Hauntings,.. It was actually really interesting, though I didn’t learn anything new from it.  I’ve had more than my share of strange occurrences in the past.  I don’t mean just in Montreal, because most of my old friends know about those, but in NZ also.  I can’t count how many times I’ve had ghostly encounters anymore.

As an example, this one time I was late at night brushing my teeth in the bathroom with the door ajar.  I bent down to rinse when I saw from the corner of my eye a small girl figure move next to me.  I went to turn around to tell Anna to go back to bed as it was way past her bedtime.  Well, when I looked, there was no one there.  I went to Anna’s room and she was sound asleep.  That said, I had seen a ‘figure’ very clearly, as well as the movement of her going past me from the door to my back.

Another time, I was asleep in bed when I heard small feet making the floorboards crack.  I half opened my eyes and saw ‘Anna’ walking towards me while watching me closely.  I told her to go back to bed, as I was sitting up to walk her back into her room.  I put my glasses on and there was no one there.  The bedroom door was shut.   I got up and walked to Anna’s room where I found her fast asleep.

And another time, I was dozzing off when I felt the mattress go down under someone’s weight.  I thought one of the kids couldn’t sleep and wanted to cuddle between mom and dad.  I put my hand down to pat their heads, but my hand went right through.

On and on and on and on and on.. I could tell you about this.  I don’t know if the small girl (who would probably be around 8 years old dressed in a white nightgown) is the only one around, because for a while.. there was also a ‘woman’.  That one spooked me a bit more, because I would mostly see her walking around outside the windows on the property.  Every time I saw her, I jumped, because it was so unexpected as our front gate is always locked.  That said, thankfully, she never ventured into the house.

Also for a very short while, there was a little boy around – though I would probably say he was around 4 or so.  He was only very shortly here.  He was the one I tried to pat the head of in bed that ‘one’ time.  Though I’m fairly sure he’s also the one I’ve felt the small fingers of on my hair to pat me.. or touching my toes (which always stick out from the blanket).  His ghost made me sad as I could feel he was looking for his mum.

Anyway, I could tell you stories all day (or would you rather I tell them at night? 😉  .. )  I’ve always been a Sensitive to these things and other phenomena, but the interesting part to me now is that my children have inherited it.

The Ghost Girl I told you about?  Anna started seeing her at around 3 years old.  She used to cry and be frightened of the ‘girl’ in her room.  The girl that sat with her toys in a corner of her room or hide in the ‘closet’ when I came in.  It was like this for ‘years’ until Anna grew up and just stopped ‘seeing’ because it frightened her.

Sami also ‘sees’.  He used to talk to me for hours about the Multi coloured spheres that came at night to protect him.  They ‘spoke’ to him, but he said it wasn’t ‘words’ but feelings and pictures in his mind.  He said he was frightened of the ‘black spheres’ or the ‘black shadow’ that would venture into his room sometimes.

Again, in time, he stopped mentioning it, but he’s very much a Sensitive.  He’s a Scorpio rising Sagittarius (with his planets being in water houses).. while Anna is my little Cancer girl rising Libra.  Though Anna is a lot like her father, a bit of a skeptic, she’s very attracted to all things “Mysterious”, because she can’t help “Feel” things.  I’m excited to see what kind of Adults they turn into, but one thing’s for sure.. being a Sensitive makes Sami very Creative and Arty and makes Anna a Dreamer.  She dreams almost as much as I do.

She once told me that my Mum came to see her.. It was wonderful.

All I can do as they grow up is guide them and help them accept their natural gifts, tune into their intuition, and not be afraid of the Unexplained, but embrace it – whether it comes from Observations or from within Themselves through Dreams and Visions.

I miss having someone to talk to about all of this.  Mom used to be my Lighthouse.  I hope to be my Childrens’.  That said, I wish Life would bring me someone to walk This Path with.